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The Ducktail as worn by Michael Campbell

The Ducktail worn by Michael

Another wearing of this weeks beard, the ducktail, as shown by Michael. This is a much longer version and a little more rustic looking that than of Andys, both are excellent examples of this weeks beard!

The Ducktail – Week 3

The Ducktail, via Frankfurt.

This week’s beard pic comes via Frankfurt. I’m sporting the Ducktail. To style this one, grow the beard long, then trim the sides and taper to a point. Popular among sci-fi characters and red-cloaked Lucifer types.

For centuries the common beard has risen to great heights on the chins of noble men. It was present for the founding of nations, the discovery of new lands, and the creation of beautiful art. Internationally recognized as a symbol of virility and wisdom, the beard transcends language and border. On August 15, 2011 the beard will take its next great evolutionary leap. It will start saving lives.

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